Another #IndyRef Post

Yes Indy Ref

I know everybody is probably sick to death of my #indyref posts, but I wrote the below shortly after last Friday’s bitter disappointment and didn’t end up posting it. I didn’t want it to seem as if I was having a go at ‘No’ voters, because while I do not truly understand or relate to their choice, I recognise their right to exercise that choice in this truly wonderful democratic opportunity we were given.

We are lucky insofar as we live in a developed, mostly-functional country that respected our right to make a choice on self-determination. We are also incredibly fortunate that this process invigorated a mostly alienated electorate and sparked an ongoing political enlightenment (including for myself). But, I do feel that I want and need to get this off my chest, so here goes…

I think it is unconstructive to assume that a ‘Yes’ vote on the 18th of September would have been a panacea for all the challenges that Scotland would undoubtedly face on her journey to independence. But the following reasons, individually, and in their own right, are, in my opinion, enough of a reason to have made that choice. I am absolutely gutted that we have chosen to bear witness to:

  1. The continued existence of Trident. That my taxes are used to sustain and renew the existence of a nuclear arsenal, especially one down the road in Argyll and Bute, is abominable. That £100 billion is being spent to renew this horror, while budgets to health, education, welfare and sustainability are slashed is a disgrace.
  2. The continued existence of Dungavel. Without the opportunity to regulate our own immigration policies, we are forced by an inward-looking, xenophobic Westminster to house this awful immigration detention centre within Scotland (and to concede to Westminster’s horrid immigration rhetoric and rules).
  3. The placement of unsustainable profiteering above a sustainable future. Halting and reversing climate change is of such primary importance, that the opportunity to choose a government which takes this fact event remotely seriously should have trumped anything else!
  4. The continuation of austerity and the failing neoliberal agenda. Because, fuck the poor, right?!
  5. The dismantling of the NHS as we know it. Westminster’s privatisation of the NHS in England and Wales will have real consequences. The comprehensive NHS we currently have in Scotland will no longer be affordable as Westminster slashes Scotland’s public expenditure budget.
  6. That it looks imminent that we will be stuck in another bloody war in the Middle East for years to come. That blood will be on our hands too.
This list could go on and on, but I think these are amongst some of the worst consequences of our choice. That Scotland has used an incredible and unique democratic opportunity to vote for democratic impotence is both ironic and severely depressing. However, not all is lost, and while I don’t think we are “better together”,  I think we now have an obligation to be.

 I encourage you to keep politically engaged and make your voice heard.