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Party Like It’s 1964: The Tory Endgame

There really is a lot to be excited about following the election of a Tory majority to Westminster last week. We’ll all soon share an email inbox with our pal Theresa, and, as taxpayers, we will no longer have to support the disabled or those struggling on poverty wages or zero-hour contracts. Big international corporations can finally shred red tape around concerns of public health or environmental impact and sue us for their God-given right to profit when TTIP is finally signed. It’s also rather exciting to try and guess where the £12 billion in cuts is actually going to happen. Or is it £20 billion? There’s that other pesky £8 billion which has to come from somewhere, right? Actually, who cares!? Fox hunting: Aaoooo!

But there’s something else exciting in store for us…


Another #IndyRef Post

I know everybody is probably sick to death of my #indyref posts, but I wrote the below shortly after last Friday’s bitter disappointment and didn’t end up posting it. I didn’t want it to seem as if I was having a go at ‘No’ voters, because while I do not truly understand or relate to their choice, I recognise their right to exercise that choice in this truly wonderful democratic opportunity we were given.

We are lucky insofar as we live in a developed, mostly-functional country that respected our right to make a choice on self-determination. We are also incredibly fortunate that this process invigorated a mostly alienated electorate and sparked an ongoing political enlightenment (including for myself). But, I do feel that I want and need to get this off my chest, so here goes…